Pillow Talk: Why Choosing Organic Matters

naturepedic 2-in-1 organic adjustable pillow

Let's talk pillows.

Did you know traditional pillows are filled with some not-so-dreamy materials? These can include synthetic fabrics that emit hazardous chemicals (read: PFAS, flame retardants, formaldehyde and synthetic pesticides) that not only put your health at risk, but aren’t so environmentally-friendly, either.

Fortunately, Naturepedic’s line of pillows are made with certified organic and non-toxic materials so you never have to worry about what your head is resting on. 

If you’re hoping to spread a little love by gifting you and yours with a healthier night’s sleep, choosing a simple and sustainable organic pillow is the perfect option. Here’s why choosing organic when it comes to your pillow matters.

What is an Organic Pillow? 

If you’ve ever been out shopping for new bedding, you’ve likely come across organic pillows and wondered whether they were necessary to your health and comfort. (The answer is yes!)

As the name suggests, organic pillows are commonly made from natural materials such as organic cotton, organic wool, and organic PLA (a type of high-performance polyester material derived from starchy plants)

Most pillows being sold today are made from potentially harmful chemicals and synthetic materials that, while offering solid support, may put you at risk of breathing in chemicals while you sleep that can ultimately affect your health.

Organic bed pillows are free of toxic chemicals, meaning they are safer for you and free from the petroleum-based products that are usually included in conventional pillows.

Naturepedic Pillows: The Best Option for Organic Comfort

If you’re in the market for a new pillow this Valentine’s Day, choosing Naturepedic is your best bet for luxurious organic comfort. 

All of our loveable pillows are made with GOTS certified organic materials – and they’re also MADE SAFE certified non-toxic. Using materials such as organic cotton fabric, PLA batting (made from non-GMO sugarcane to wick moisture while adding additional fluff), and organic latex (made from the sap of a rubber tree), our pillows are an all-natural indulgence.

Our three organic pillow options include:

  • Organic Luxury 2-in-1 Latex Pillow - Featuring an innovative 2-in-1 adjustable design for truly personalized comfort, this customizable pillow includes adjustable organic fill to make the pillow as firm or as soft as you desire. The outer encasement features two distinct feels on each side: a quilted side with a fluffy-cloud-like feel, and a smooth side that stretches to conform to the unique shape of your head and neck.
  • Organic Cotton/PLA Pillow - This fiber-based pillow features an organic cotton outer fabric with PLA filling. PLA is a non-toxic, sustainable fiber derived from 100% renewable resources. Made with a 300 thread count, 100% organic cotton outer fabric, this pillow provides a resilient, supportive feel. 
  • Organic Solid Latex Pillow - Featuring a solid core of extra soft organic latex, this pillow is comfortable and supportive while cradling your head for proper spinal alignment. The core is wrapped in our signature organic cotton stretch-knit fabric for a luxurious finish that sleeps cool and never goes flat!

Better pillows lead to better pillow talk and a better night’s sleep. If you’re interested in trying out a Naturepedic certified organic, nontoxic pillow, view our full range of pillows on our website.