supremely comfortable

Naturepedic organic kids mattresses are designed to be supremely comfortable and supportive. With a sensitivity to the unique requirements of kids, our mattresses are built to inspire a healthy comfortable sleep.

Fluffy chunk of organic cottonFluffy chunk of organic cotton

packed with real fibers

Naturepedic organic kids mattresses are packed with real fibers like organic cotton, pla and wool. Organic cotton is the primary filling material and provides a soft bed of natural fluffiness. PLA, a high-performance moisture-wicking fiber, adds resilience and additional comfort. Organic wool, found exclusively in the Verse kids mattress, wicks moisture and provides a splendid natural bounce. These layers work together to create a symphony of comfort and offer an excellent alternative to traditional foams. 

two great choices for support


Featured in the 2-in-1 organic kids mattress, we use a custom innerspring designed for optimal support and made from approximately 90% recycled steel. Using coils for the support system provides excellent breathability and heat dissipation.

Close-up of conventional innerspring unitClose-up of conventional innerspring unit

encased coils

For the Verse organic kids mattress, we use an upgraded encased coil support system built in-house without any glues or adhesives. Made from approximately 90% recycled steel, these coils provide improved stability, reduced motion-transfer and overall increased comfort.

Close-up of glueless encased coilsClose-up of glueless encased coils
Screenshot from Lisa Nagy's website - Your Path to Better HealthScreenshot from Lisa Nagy's website - Your Path to Better Health

Lisa Nagy, M.D., The Environmental Health Center of Martha’s Vineyard

“I finally got a good quality organic mattress and I am so thrilled with Naturepedic - I cannot tell you!!!! Treat yourself to products that are pesticide and chemical free and you will maximize your health - never give up!”