Beyond the Mattress: The Other Organic Staples of a Healthy Sleep Environment

 Beyond the Mattress: The Other Organic Staples of a Healthy Sleep Environment


Since we spend close to half of our lives in bed, it’s essential to think deeply about the way your sleep environment could be affecting your health. You may have already considered the make-up of your bed, leading you to purchase an organic mattress and bedding so that you’re sleeping on healthy materials. 

But having a healthy sleep environment goes beyond your bed. All of the other elements in your bedroom—from the placement of your furniture to the paint on your walls–can have an impact on the quality of your sleep. 

By rethinking what’s included in your bedroom design and adding elements that are more organic in nature, you can encourage better balance and overall wellness in your sleep environment.  

Keep the shades down and save energy

Part of maintaining a healthy and natural sleep environment is thinking closely about the sources of energy in your room. If you’re cranking the AC all summer long, you may be having a much larger impact on the environment than is necessary. By making simple adjustments like keeping the shades down during the hottest hours of the day, you can save more electricity and energy in your bedroom while still keeping it cool.

Focus on the feng-shui

If you’ve never thought about applying the Chinese principles of feng shui to your bedroom before, doing so will improve the overall ambiance of the space. This will make restful sleep come easy, as you’ll be sleeping in harmony and balance with the principles of the natural world. The placement of your bed is especially important, as is the placement of mirrors. 

Rethink your paint job

Choosing non-toxic paint is extremely important to an organic bedroom. Look for paint that has low or no-VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and research the manufacturing process of the paint you’re considering. Also, neutral earth tones are the best colors for the bedroom. Repainting the walls with an organic blue, green, or brown will be especially soothing to the eye.

Add some live plants

There are many types of plants that are particularly great for the bedroom. Choosing big, leafy plants like a bamboo palm or ficus tree will make your room feel extremely zen—but make sure they get plenty of sun. If your bedroom doesn’t have a lot of natural light coming in, small succulents or snake plants can work. Either way, adding live plants is an easy way to boost the natural, organic feeling of your bedroom (and promote healthy circulation)! 

Choose natural decor 

You probably have many types of linens in your room beyond the ones that are on your bed. From curtains to rugs, you should choose materials that have the same certifications as Naturepedic’s products. For instance, finding a rug that’s a calming color and made from natural fibers can change the energy within the space. Other decor, such as candles, essential oils, and even lamps, can be made with toxic materials and chemicals, so make sure you check out those items too.

A good night’s sleep sets you up for success, so why wouldn’t you do everything you can to make sure your bedroom promotes peaceful rest? By making small, organic changes, you can ensure that all of the staples of a healthy sleep environment are in your bedroom alongside your mattress.