Why The Sound Of Rain Makes You Sleepy

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By Naturepedic Team
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Why The Sound Of Rain Makes You Sleepy

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We all know the feeling: the rain starts and all you want to do is curl up in a blanket, grab a good book and drift to sleep. What is it about the sound of rain that makes us all want to fall right to sleep?

We break down how the sound of rain affects two of our senses, making us ready to snooze.


One of the reasons even a gentle rainfall makes us want to crash is because it produces white noise. White noise makes it so you do not hear a lot of outside noise, suppressing your senses and making you more tired.

More specifically, the human brain perceives sounds as threatening and non-threatening. The pitter patter of water or rain are non-threatening to us, making them very calming. Also, rain tends to fall at varying volumes, the intervals being less jarring and more peaceful than say a scream or a thud.


Another very simple reason is that the sound of rain is often accompanied by a dark, gloomy atmosphere. Less sunlight means less stimulation, making you feel sleepier.

Being exposed to sunlight also increases your serotonin, which makes you happier. This boost in joy may make you more energetic. When it’s overcast you are not getting this boost of serotonin, making you more likely to want to catch some Zzzs.

If it’s raining while you are reading this, we hope you have time to take a quick snooze!

2 years ago

Why The Sound Of Rain Makes You Sleepy

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