The Best Paint Colors for Your Bedroom

people using roller to paint wall of room

There is nothing quite so satisfying as escaping to your bedroom after a long and hectic day. You can close the door on the outside world and float far away from all the stresses of day-to-day life.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, after all, and should be tailored to meet your needs and wants. Finding the right mattress is essential to your quest for comfort. So, too, is finding the right paint color for your bedroom walls — one that sets the tone for the peaceful dreams that await you.

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overstated. A good night’s sleep allows us to perform at the highest level throughout our waking hours. It strengthens our immune system and sharpens our mind. 

Here are five calming paint colors from our friends at Clare Paint that will help you achieve the good night’s sleep you deserve, minus the toxins found in other paints. 

Pale Pistachio

Pale Pistachio is a soft, greying green color that brings the soothing qualities of a summery woodland right into your bedroom. Picture yourself lying on the grass, watching the sunlight illuminate the loose canopy of leaves overhead. With just a touch of cool mint, Pale Pistachio will spread a refreshing feeling of natural goodness throughout your bedroom. We love this one from Clare Paint! 


A popular bedroom paint color in recent years, Alabaster is a neutral hue that is soft on the eyes and soothing for the spirit. With this calm and gentle color on your bedroom walls, all of life’s sharp edges will soften and fade away. Alabaster is highly compatible with a range of tones and materials, including both light and dark wood. Check out Clare Paint's 'Timeless'.

Cloud Grey

Cloud Grey delivers exactly what it promises — a soft, foggy tone that evokes quiet winter mornings and stony beaches. Drift away into the cool mists of your dreams, as clouds slowly surround you and the earth and the sky blur into one. Cloud Grey is compatible with a variety of different colors, giving you the freedom to decorate your room exactly as you like it.

Pale Lilac

Pale Lilac perfectly captures the sweetness of lilac in a soft, mature tone. It evokes the natural hues of summer blooms — a beautiful garden growing wild in the sun. Pale Lilac goes perfectly with a white trim for a light flowery ambiance throughout your bedroom.

Deep Twilight Blue

Deep Twilight Blue is a rich, calming color that brings an aura of tranquility to your bedroom. Mirroring the night sky, Deep Twilight Blue carries a powerful sense of expansiveness — drawing to mind happy memories of camping out beneath the stars. This dark tone also works well as a feature wall in a white or cream painted bedroom, offering a vibrant splash of color to an airy space.

On average, we will spend a third of our lives in bed, so it’s worth making sure we have the comfort and support we need. Our EOS Series of Organic Mattresses gives you the freedom to design your sleeping experience exactly to your needs. 

Moreover, we use the purest organic materials to ensure that our mattresses are certified to the highest standards of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). For more information on our commitment to healthy, customizable sleep, visit our website.