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Wool is a natural fiber from sheep, goats, or other animals that is used in many organic mattresses for its natural non-flammable properties. Naturepedic uses certified organic wool that is not treated with fire retardant chemicals. Organic wool is from sheep raised humanely under organic farming practices and fed an organic diet. This ensures pure, natural wool.

In adult mattresses, wool is a natural and luxurious material that adds supportive comfort. In baby products, many pediatricians prefer to avoid wool due to the possibility of allergenic issues. Allergenic concerns may arise from lanolin, a natural wax secreted by the animal, or from chemical treatments applied to clean the wool of dirt, sweat, and contaminants. We recommend that babies not come into direct skin contact with wool until parents know for sure if there is an allergenic concern.

As a filling or support material within a crib mattress, wool is an excellent choice for its natural non-flammable properties. However, Naturepedic offers baby products made without wool for babies and parents who need a wool-free mattress for allergenic or other reasons.