Ask Naturepedic: What Is Food-Grade Polyethylene?

What Is Food-Grade Polyethylene

What Is Food-Grade Polyethylene

At Naturepedic, we’re all about crib mattress safety. You trust us to bring you a safer option for your little one’s sleep, wrapped up in all the organic goodness nature offers. You may have seen that we use food-grade polyethylene in our mattresses, and we sometimes get questions about what polyethylene is. We hope that this blog post will help answer any questions you have about the use of food grade polyethylene.

It sounds like polyurethane, are they the same thing?

At Naturepedic, we don’t use polyurethane foam in any form, including memory foam, plant based or bio-based foam, soybean foam, etc. These are all polyurethane foams that are highly flammable and require flame retardant chemicals to meet flammability standards. We never use polyurethane foam or flame retardants. This is where some of the concern comes from when parents learn we use polyethylene. It sounds very similar in name but is a completely different type of material.

What is polyethylene?

Polyethylene is a type of plastic that is widely used in the food packaging industry for its safety and purity. The molecular structure of polyethylene is simple and doesn’t need additional chemical additives like phthalate plasticizers used to make PVC into flexible vinyl. Environmental groups across the globe recommend the use of polyethylene as a safer plastic option.

How Naturepedic uses polyethylene

Naturepedic only uses polyethylene that has been formulated for food contact standards. It’s so pure you could eat off the surface! We use polyethylene in two ways: our patented Wavesupport™ lightweight crib mattress core and our patented waterproof crib mattress surface, as discussed in a previous blog post about our Waterproof Protector Pads.

All of our crib mattresses are certified organic by the Global Organic Textile Standard. Whether they use a steel innerspring or the lightweight polyethylene core, they are held to this organic and non-toxic standard.

Why buy lightweight?

Our lightweight crib mattresses are a top choice among parents. A lightweight mattress is easy to lift, which makes bedding changes easier, and you can easily get it out of the crib in case it needs to be washed or wiped down. We also reinforce the edges of the mattress, which creates a rigid edge for a snug fit, ensuring your little one’s arms and legs don’t get trapped. The strong edge support also stands up to toddlers who are starting to walk and bounce at the edges of their mattress.

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