5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Baby’s Best Sleep Yet

Mother leaning over a crib to settle her baby

2022 is upon us, and so are – you guessed it – New Year’s resolutions! It is around this time of year, after indulging in all the holiday festivities, that we start to really think about our health. Many of us make resolutions to eat more cleanly, to go to the gym more often or to be more organized. But why not make a resolution that will directly benefit a loved one – namely, your little one?

Although your baby hasn’t exactly developed the skills yet to consciously work on self-improvement, you can give them a helping hand by guiding them into healthier habits and safer sleep environments.

So, let us help! We are here to get you started with 5 New Year’s resolutions for your baby’s best sleep yet, aiding them toward a better, more protected slumber for years to come. Through these tips, we give you solutions and alternatives to some of the most common problems that plague parents and their babies as they work toward better sleep patterns.

Feeling discouraged from dealing with a poor sleeper? Stay positive! Studies show that New Year’s resolutions that are approach-oriented (i.e. that make a positive intention) are more successful than those that are avoidance-oriented. So always keep one eye on how you are improving your family’s well-being as you implement finer habits.

The 5 Resolutions for a Better Sleeping Baby

New Year's resolutions are a chance to start the year on a better path to a healthier and more well rested 2022 for you and your family. For many parents, better sleep starts with baby. Here's our advice.

1. Read Together Before Bedtime

Mother and toddler looking at a book togetherMother and toddler looking at a book together

This is a great routine to follow, as it ensures that you and your baby will have consistent bonding time before they sleep. Just note that it’s not the kind of activity that generates instant results. A newborn might respond to the sound of your voice as you read, but there is likely to be no visible recognition of the words you are saying.

But, in reality, the tonalities in your voice as you read a book can help a baby develop emotionally and socially. As they continue to grow, they will start to develop their communication skills by pointing to images and words in the book as well. Read this article for more tips on how and why to read to your little one.

2. Unplug and Turn Off

Turn off the TV, dim the lights, put away your phone. Let the final hour before your baby’s bedtime be spent in a soothing environment. Reduced light will help them tune into their natural circadian rhythms, and reduced auditory stimuli will help calm and sedate their curious minds. Creating this kind of environment is also conducive to spending more quality time with your little one as you read them books, swaddle them or sing them lullabies.

3. Replace Conventionally Produced PJs with Organic Ones

As if you needed another excuse to buy more adorable baby onesies, now is the time to make sure that everything your baby is wearing is organic. Look for the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, which ensures that the garment’s entire production chain is environmentally and socially responsible and made without harmful chemicals like pesticides and fertilizers often used in conventional farming. You can find a thorough review of organic baby clothing brands here.

4. Opt for Safer Bedding

Fitted orgqnic crib sheet pulled up to reveal organic crib mattress Fitted orgqnic crib sheet pulled up to reveal organic crib mattress

You know from experience how much of a difference the right bedding can make in your own sleep. The same is true for babies, with an additional safety factor to consider. Though great for you, certain bedding items can be a safety hazard for babies because they lack the motor skills to turn over or move covers out of their way.

Naturepedic’s organic crib sheets are safer and more comfortable, both in design and in material. They are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton and have fitted edges for a secure attachment to your baby’s mattress. Make purchasing certified organic bedding a resolution for life – as your child continues to develop, they can grow into our kids’ bedding and, ultimately, our adult bedding.

5. Invest in an Organic, Breathable and Waterproof Crib Mattres

Clean bright nursury showing crin with organic mattress and small tableClean bright nursury showing crin with organic mattress and small table

Naturepedic’s crib mattresses are the only breathable, waterproof and certified organic mattresses out there, and we prioritize these features for good reasons. Having a breathable crib mattress is an added sleep safety measure for your little one and can be helpful if they roll over onto their stomachs. But, in order to be truly safe, the breathability feature has to be done right.

For ultimate hygienic safety, our breathable crib mattresses are also fully waterproof with a food-grade, non-toxic material made from non-GMO sugarcane, and are encased in a breathable layer that's removable and machine washable, so messes can be cleaned up in a snap. Say goodbye to risking mold and bacteria growing in your baby’s crib mattress: your baby should be the only thing allowed to grow in it!

Finally, all of our crib mattresses and bedding products are certified organic by GOTS and certified non-toxic by MADE SAFE®. At Naturepedic, we don’t compromise on your child’s sleep safety, guaranteeing healthier, organic sleep. 

As we move into 2022, let this year be a celebration of all that you can do with your baby to support them in their holistic growth toward childhood, adolescence and beyond. These 5 resolutions for your baby are simple choices with impressive impacts, and we are here to offer a helpful hand as you and your baby change for the better.

Of course, parents need healthy sleep, too. If you’re struggling, here are some restorative sleep tips and New Year’s resolutions for you. Here’s to a safe, healthy 2022!