10 Ways to Feel Accomplished Today (While You’re Really Just Relaxing!)

10 Ways to Feel Accomplished Today (While You’re Really Just Relaxing!)

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When’s the last time you really took time for yourself and made an effort to just relax?

As a parent, you’re probably much more familiar with the mentality of “Go! Go! Go!” than the attitude of “I’m going to take 30 minutes for myself.” Being a parent means giving – constantly – and this can make it difficult to take a break from your fast-paced and hectic routine.

Lucky for you, today is National Relaxation Day. There’s no better day than today to start putting yourself first. But don’t worry—you can still feel accomplished at the end of the day even if you spend the entire afternoon relaxing. You just need to modify your definition of what being productive really looks like and realize that being a parent is enough!

Here are 10 ways to feel accomplished today (while you’re actually relaxing!)

1. Clear out your inbox

Trust us, there’s no better feeling than no unopened e-mails.

2. Find a new recipe to cook with your kids

Take the pressure off of yourself by finding a creative meal that the whole family can whip up together.

3. Take Fido for a walk

If you haven’t had time lately for a simple walk around the block, grab that leash and enjoy nature with your family’s favorite four-legged friend.

4. Start a new book

(...Or finish the one that’s been on your nightstand since Christmas!)

5. Organize something

That pile of mail by the door, those shoes in the mudroom, the expired cans and bags of chips in the pantry...pick one section of the house and get organized!

6. Do some self-grooming

You know the face mask you bought on a whim and never used? It’s time to use it. There’s nothing wrong with a little at-home pampering!

7. Make a to-do list for the weekend

Even if you aren’t typically a list person, making to-do lists is a great way to get your goals in line. Ask the family for a little help and your to-dos will be ticked off in no time.

8. Fix something that’s broken

Has the lightbulb in your garage been out for months? There’s bound to be something in your house you’ve been meaning to fix, so fix it!

9. Get a head start on planning your next vacation

Even though summer is nearly over, it’s never too soon to start looking forward to your next family vacation. The mere thought of tanning on a beach will be relaxing in itself!

10. Donate

A simple way to feel fulfilled is to support good causes and good people. Why not make a donation to a mission you believe in?

By doing any of these 10 relaxing activities, you can embrace the feeling of accomplishment alongside the feeling of rest. After all, who said the two had to be separate? On National Relaxation Day (and every day!), you can feel empowered to find fulfillment while simultaneously unwinding.

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