3 Simple Ways to Make Dad Feel Special This Father's Day

Dad and son on NP crib mattress playing


It seems unfair that Father’s Day only comes around once a year, when you think of all the things our dads do for us. From home-improvement projects to job interviews to relationship advice, our dads always seem to know how to help us with whatever it is we’re going through. 

Father’s Day is an opportunity to spend time with the ones we love, celebrating all the little things that make life special. One big thing we can keep in mind this Father’s Day is to maintain an eco-friendly outlook — because caring for our environment means caring for all people we get to share it with.

Sure, we might talk about Mother Earth, but that doesn’t mean dads don’t play a part in caring for our environment too. Here are three simple ways to make dads feel special on their special day.

1. Pamper him

For all their wisdom, dads can be forgetful when it comes to taking care of themselves. Why not treat your dad this Father’s Day by letting him sleep in? When he wakes up, help your dad work out his knots and cramps while taking a load off his feet for a day by making your very own in-home spa. You can even make face masks, exfoliants, and essential oils with natural ingredients you already have in your kitchen pantry! With everything they do for us, it’s no wonder they need a little rest and relaxation.

You can help your dad enjoy a truly peaceful sleep night after night with a Certified Organic Naturpedic Pillow. When you buy an Organic Naturepedic Pillow, you know that you’re buying a quality product that is free from harmful chemicals. Made with GOTS certified organic materials, Organic Naturepedic Pillows are a luxury you don’t need to feel guilty about — meaning dad can rest easy at night with all the comfort and support he deserves.

2. Plan a fun movie night

Sometimes there’s nothing more enjoyable than kicking back on the couch and watching a movie you love. Even if the pandemic means you can’t share your living room with your loved ones right now, you can get together in spirit for a virtual movie night — and that way you won’t have to fight over the remote!

For those of you who are able to get together face-to-face with your dads this Father’s Day, why not make movie night extra special by whipping up some tasty, healthy snacks. It’s easier than ever before to enjoy delicious snacks that are good for you and good for the environment, so the only thing you’ll need to worry about is picking which movie to watch. 

3. Lend a helping hand

Often the best way to show your dad how much you appreciate them is by simply spending time with them. Even yardwork can feel like quality time when you’re sharing it with someone you love. Whether it’s painting the deck, working on a vegetable garden, or helping out with landscaping projects, lending a helping hand around the yard is a great way of sharing quality time with your dad while achieving tangible goals that will make a difference in his life.

If you can’t be with your dad in person this Father’s Day, you can still help out by asking your dad about the projects he’s working on. This gives you time to do some research and offer helpful suggestions, such as planting pumpkin seeds in late June for perfect pumpkins — and delicious pumpkin snacks — come the fall.

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