Sending Your Kids Off to Summer Camp? Here's What To Pack for Healthy Sleep

Two kids relaxing in a hammock


The first week of summer has officially arrived, meaning summer camp is just around the corner. As every parent knows, the first taste of freedom after a long and challenging school year — made all that much harder by the pandemic — means so much to our kids. 

Summer camp is always a highlight of the summer calendar, and a great way for kids to play hard and burn energy. It’s so important that we prepare our kids to get the most out of this exciting time, and that all starts with a good night’s sleep. 

It doesn’t take much to make sure your kids start the day on the right foot — well rested and ready to go. Here are a few quick tips that will help make this year’s summer camp the best one yet.

Sleep-away Camp

Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep leads to improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall mental and physical health in kids — its importance cannot be overstated. 

For anyone with kids going to sleep-away camp, packing a pillow from the Naturepedic kid’s collection is a great way to guarantee your kids get a good night’s sleep away from the familiarity of their own bed. 

Many kids find it difficult to fall asleep on the first night they spend in a new place, so make it that much easier for them with a soft, versatile pillow that gives them all the comfort and support they need. As a side tip, why not pack an extra pillow protector so that your kid can enjoy a fresh, clean pillow throughout their entire stay at camp?

Day Camp

Kids going to day camp can enjoy the comforts of their own bedroom, and those comforts begin with the right mattress. Naturpedic’s selection of organic mattresses for kids are designed to provide the best night’s sleep a kid can get. Your kid can come home each night to comfort of home and leave in the morning with all the energy they’re going to need for the adventures that lie ahead of them. 

Made with organic cotton, organic wool, and glueless encased coils, you can rest easy, too, knowing that with a Naturepedic mattress your kids are safe from harmful chemicals.

Backyard Camping

For those of you whose kids won’t be able to make it to camp this year, you can always bring the summer camp feeling to your own home with some backyard camping. Set up a tent on a smooth, flat surface; fill your camp with cozy pillows and tasty organic snacks, and lay back to watch the stars overhead in the company of your favorite people in the whole world.

For many of us, looking back on our most cherished childhood memories means looking back at the days — and nights — we spent at summer camp. The friendships we built, the games we played, and the adventures we shared.

A good night’s sleep is the best foundation for a perfect summer’s day. Discover Naturepedic's range of non-toxic pillows and mattresses for kids.