Our Commitment to Sustainability

organic cotton

 Founded by an accident of fate, Naturepedic’s goal as an organization has always been to protect infants, children, adults, and the environment from toxic chemical substances found in consumer products. 

In addition to producing certified organic sleep products, we have continuously participated in lobbying efforts to ensure our politicians in Washington, D.C. are aware of the battle against producing products with dangerous chemicals. All Naturepedic products are manufactured and produced to the strictest organic guidelines in a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified factory, and are non-toxic to the strictest certifications.

Naturepedic believes in the importance of both indoor air quality and the surrounding environment. For this reason, we do not use vinyl, phthalates, polyurethane foam, formaldehyde, pesticides, GMO’s, glues/adhesives, or any other materials or chemicals that do not meet our high standards and those of our certifiers. 

All of our products also meet all Consumer Product Safety Commission fire safety requirements without using any flame-retardant chemicals or barriers.

Material Use


Our strict GOTS certification forbids the use of conventionally-produced cotton. An estimation made by the Organic Trade Association expresses that conventionally-grown cotton releases 220 million metric tons of carbon dioxide globally each year.

In the U.S. alone, conventional cotton farming uses 48 million pounds of pesticides. 

Conventional cotton fabric is also often processed with chlorine bleach and formaldehyde. Many of the dyes contain heavy metals and azo dyes, all with potential health and environmental risks. 

Naturepedic sources raw organic cotton from a collective of organic growers in Texas. Approximately 65-70% of the land on which these members grow organic cotton uses only “rainfed” water. When irrigation is used, these farms focus on more efficient irrigation techniques, primarily center pivot irrigation systems equipped for low energy precision application. 


Naturepedic uses only GOTS-certified organic wool, which ensures that the sheep providing the wool are treated in a sustainable and humane fashion. In addition, the GOTS certification guarantees that the sheep are not fed any foods that have been grown with un-approved pesticides or GMO seeds. 


We only use certified FSC or GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) latex sourced from rubber trees that are grown using verified sustainable methods. We do not use synthetic latex, polyurethane foam, memory foam, or any other derivative. 

Product Innovation

Designed with minimum waste and maximum comfort, our mattresses allow consumers to replace only selected components of the mattress while keeping the majority of the mattress intact. This design allows customers to change or replace damaged pieces instead of the whole product, keeping it out of landfills.


We are on a continued mission to be responsible stewards of the planet.

We recycle both materials used to make mattresses and mattresses that have either been returned or removed. In 2019 alone, we invested approximately $48,000 towards the recycling of old mattresses to keep them out of landfills. 

In addition to our donating and recycling efforts, Naturepedic mattresses are made without toxic chemicals that can negatively impact the environment. 

Throughout our offices and factory, our day-to-day operations continue to promote our values and mission. 

Although small, decisions like paperless payroll, organic cleaning supplies, and 100% recycled paper further our environmentally-sustainable mission. In our factory, the high level of handcrafted products lowers electricity consumption considerably, with many of the powered tools running on compressed air.

As an organization, we continue to involve our brand and mission in advocacy memberships and certifications that we believe in. Naturepedic is part of the Zero Toxics Product Registry, One Percent for the Planet, Sustainable Furnishings Council, and more. 

Furthermore, our certifications prevent confusion in the marketplace; vague and misleading green claims, which are found on everything from cleaning products to office supplies, are difficult for consumers to navigate. 

To ensure the quality of our product, our certifications include the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS), OCS100 Organic Content Standard, MADE SAFE certification, GREENGUARD® Gold certification, and more. 

Naturepedic’s goal is to make products that support human health, and that also support the health of the planet — it’s all interconnected. Sustainability is never an end point, but a goal that’s prioritized in everything that we do. 

While we are proud to lead the pack in healthier mattresses, we don’t measure our business against our competition, but against our own potential, and we are proud to continue to develop organic products and become even more sustainable in the years ahead. 

To read more about our commitment to sustainability and high-quality organic products, check out our sustainability reports and our certifications, awards + advocacy.