Why Sleep is Essential to Wellness

Woman waking up happy


Between our family obligations, jobs, social lives, and exercising, it’s easy to compromise on getting plenty of sleep to accommodate all these demands.

Of course, having a jam-packed schedule is a normal part of life, but the problem arises when sleep gets sacrificed.

Sleep is essential to powering back up after a long day. Only by getting a good night’s sleep (which experts advise is between 7-9 hours for healthy adults) can your energy levels rejuvenate. 

Now is the perfect time to change up your habits and be more intentional about your health.

This “new” version of you can make wellness part of your daily routine by focusing on one element at a time, and choosing to make better sleep a priority is a great place to begin. 

Why does sleep matter so much?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “How can I sleep better?” it’s important to first learn why sleep matters so much to your health. Sleep matters for countless reasons.

From keeping your emotional well-being in check to preparing your body for its daytime performance, sleep is the common denominator in all of your systems and functions. 

But for as many as 40% of adults, sleep deprivation (or regularly getting less than 7 hours of sleep) is extremely common, especially among working populations.

Moreover, 10-20% of adults have insomnia, where patients have severe issues sleeping for at least 3 nights per week. 

Without making changes to your sleep habits or finding an effective way to treat insomnia, this lack of adequate sleep can kick off a terrible cycle of poor sleep that can be radically persistent.

Studies show that nearly 60% of people with insomnia suffer from the same symptoms a year later, sometimes with no end in sight.

Instead of simply dealing with the consequences of poor sleep, the new year presents the ideal opportunity for developing new bedtime (and daytime) habits that can contribute to better sleep.

Making healthy sleep a priority 

As the new year unfolds, start by considering how you can prioritize sleep. How much sleep do you usually get on a given night? Does your sleep routine change dramatically on the weekends? What time do you eat dinner in the evening? 

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you better understand your typical sleep cycle, which can clarify the changes that you might need to make. 

Once you analyze how healthy your sleep habits actually are, you can think about integrating these tips for better sleep in 2021: 

  • Create a relaxing pre-bedtime routine: Stop binging TV shows right before bed and establish a nightly routine that calms you down, such as reading a book, avoiding screen time, and drinking a warm beverage. 
  • Make dinnertime earlier: Since it takes your body between three and four hours to digest food, it’s wise not to eat dinner too close to bedtime. Particularly large or spicy meals can also cause indigestion and heartburn, making it tougher to fall asleep.
  • Improve your sleep environment: Whether you incorporate elements of feng shui into your bedroom or purchase eco-friendly bedroom items, there are plenty of ways to create a healthier environment for sleep. Investing in one of Naturepedic’s organic mattresses made from non-toxic, natural materials is also essential to an optimal sleep environment. 
  • Prioritize comfort: While comfort during sleep is highly subjective, finding a mattress that is both breathable and supportive is key to an optimal sleep experience. Naturepedic certified organic mattresses are designed to be supremely comfortable and supportive, even offering options to customize your comfort level through the EOS Series and Halcyon mattress options. Unlike sweaty foams, including memory foam, and synthetic fabrics, organic materials actually breathe by dissipating heat efficiently. They're also extremely durable, matching the life-span of highly engineered foams, but without the chemicals. While all-latex and latex-free designs are offered, in many cases the hybrid design offers the best of all worlds by combining organic latex with encased coils to give you just the right balance of bounce, support, and breathability. 

What are your sleep resolutions for 2021? Click here if comfortable sleep is one of them!