The Ultimate Sleep Wellness Guide for 2024

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What if you made 2024 a year of renewal and revitalization for your sleep wellness? At Naturepedic, we understand that healthier sleep is the cornerstone of a healthier life, influencing everything from mental clarity to physical vitality. In fact, we have a ton of lifestyle blogs dedicated to that very topic: healthy, restorative sleep. 

We've compiled an extensive guide filled with wellness blogs that can help you navigate the landscape of sleep wellness. These posts are not just articles; they're stepping stones to better sleep and, consequently, a better life. We've organized them into three transformative themes: REFRESH, RESET and REVAMP. Each section is designed to guide you through different aspects of sleep wellness, ensuring you have all the tools and knowledge to achieve the best sleep possible in 2024.

Whether you're looking to overhaul your sleep environment, understand the intricacies of sleep science or establish nighttime routines that foster restful slumber, our Ultimate Sleep Wellness Guide has got you covered.


A fresh start for your sleep starts with refreshing your space and your mind. This isn’t just about aesthetics; it's about creating a sanctuary that promotes tranquility and relaxation. 

Duvet turned down over a Naturepedic organic mattressDuvet turned down over a Naturepedic organic mattress

How to Decrease Environmental Toxins in the Bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary – a place where you can rejuvenate, rest, and restore your body and mind with healthy sleep after the stress that each day brings. However, the very space meant for relaxation and recovery can harbor a variety of environmental toxins that could negatively impact your health, especially when you’re exposed over long periods of time. 

Learn about the environmental stressors and toxins that might be present in your bedroom, and get actionable tips on how to reduce them. Read the full post.

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Organic Toppers

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Organic Pads and SheetsOrganic Pads and Sheets

Organic Pads + Sheets

Protect and dress up your bed in the finest coziest organic fabrics available.

Organic PillowsOrganic Pillows

Organic Pillows

Looking for that perfect pillow? Check out our collection of comfy organic pillows. 

5 Bedroom Cleaning Questions – Answered!

Considering you spend a third of your life sleeping, we think the bedroom is a smart place to start your spring cleaning. We know, deep cleaning can feel daunting – but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Here are some common questions related to how to deep clean a bedroom that can help you transform yours into the clean, fresh oasis you need for your best night’s sleep. Read the full post.

Woman looking downward and struggling with her mental healthWoman looking downward and struggling with her mental health

Does Sleep Deprivation Affect Your Mental Health?

Does sleep deprivation actually cause mental health disorders? Or, are sleep issues an unhealthy, unfortunate symptom of them? Can both things be true? 

Short answer: yes. But you won’t find an easy answer to the question of what came first – the sleepless nights or the sometimes debilitating mental health struggles. Here’s what you need to know. Read the full post.


Want to hit the reset button on your sleep? Let’s get to it! Step one is understanding and overcoming your sleep disruptions. 

Woman relaxing in bed with a bookWoman relaxing in bed with a book

Everything You Need to Know About Your Circadian Rhythm 

By now, you’re probably familiar with the term circadian rhythm. But, what is circadian rhythm exactly? How does it affect your sleep? What is happening inside your body during the cycle? 

Once you better understand circadian rhythm, you may start to realize that yours is completely out of whack. The good news is that you can reset your circadian rhythm and hack your way to better sleep and overall health. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about your circadian rhythm and how to fix it. Read the full post.

Woman sitting awake and struggling with insomniaWoman sitting awake and struggling with insomnia

4 Reasons for Winter Insomnia (and What to Do About it!)

Do you feel like crawling into bed to sleep until spring … yet find yourself tossing and turning all night? Or waking up tired? What gives? 

While human hibernation isn’t a thing, winter insomnia very much is. Discover why sleep can be elusive in winter and how to counteract these seasonal sleep disturbances. Read the full post.

Tired but Can't Sleep? Here's Why!

Is there anything worse than a sleepless night spent tossing and turning? Few things are more frustrating than feeling tired all day but unable to sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. 

We’ve all been there, and there may be a few different reasons why we experience short-term bouts of insomnia. Learn about the paradox of feeling exhausted but unable to sleep – and how to overcome it for better rest. Read the full post.


Healthy habits beget healthy sleep. So, let's revamp your routine! You can build and nurture healthy sleep habits by taking a holistic approach to your evening routine: encouraging relaxation and preparing your mind and body for sleep. 

Clean, cozy bedroom with an organic mattress on the bedClean, cozy bedroom with an organic mattress on the bed

Have Anxiety and Can’t Sleep? 10 Steps to Break the Cycle!

Sleep deprivation causes anxiety and anxiety causes difficulty sleeping. Anxiety and sleep issues are the perfect storm on a vicious spiral that nobody wants to ride. Yet, many of us are caught in this cycle.

Let’s explore a multi-step approach to reduce anxiety at bedtime, leading to more peaceful and restorative sleep. Read the full post.

Pitfalls to Avoid for a Healthy Bedtime Routine

You may already know that bedtime routines aren’t just for young children – adults also benefit from having a regular rhythm that gets their brain ready for sleep. But sometimes there’s a pretty significant gap between knowing something and doing something. And beyond that, knowing something and doing it right.

Here are common mistakes in your bedtime routine that may be hindering your sleep quality. Read the full post.

Woman practicing yoga to improve her bedtime routineWoman practicing yoga to improve her bedtime routine

Say Ommm, No Thank You to Morning Fog with Yoga + Mediation!

Among the many positive effects it can have on your life, yoga can also act as a powerful sleep aid. By helping you to work out your physical and mental stresses, yoga and meditation can put your mind at ease just in time to wind down for bed for better sleep night after night.

Incorporate these yoga poses into your nightly meditation routine to help improve your sleep quality. Read the full post.

Not very familiar with mediation? We have some meditation tips for beginners here. 

As we move forward into 2024, let this guide be your companion in achieving the sleep wellness you deserve. Embrace the journey with Naturepedic.

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