The Truth About Organic Cotton Farming

The Truth About Organic Cotton Farming


It’s easy to assume that products containing farmed materials are inherently healthier. By choosing a product made with home-grown ingredients, you cleverly avoid all those harmful toxins and chemicals that factories use to mass-produce their goods, right? Wrong! And that's where organic farming comes in.

It may surprise you to learn that cotton—the most often used natural fiber in the world—is also the world’s most chemically-treated crop.

While cotton is a staple of the textile industry, not all cotton is organically farmed. Conventional cotton, by contrast, is more harmful to the environment with a 64% higher potential for its production to contribute to global warming.

Let’s take a moment to consider the advantages of organic farming for both our health and the environment. At Naturepedic, we are proud to offer mattresses made with certified organic cotton that’s organically farmed—producing fewer greenhouse gases, improving soil quality, and utilizing less energy overall.


Did you enjoy watching where our cotton came from? Now watch where it ends up.