How to Increase the Longevity of Your Mattress

naturepedic organic mattress protector pad on verse organic mattress

Buying a mattress is one of the biggest purchases you’ll make for your home, so choosing one that will last is definitely worth your time and effort. Once you’ve invested in the best organic mattress for your sleep style, it’s important to take care of it to boost its longevity. 

The National Sleep Foundation says a typical mattress lasts between seven and 10 years. However, how long your organic mattress lasts depends on factors like sleeper size, usage, and the quality of the materials. Proper care and maintenance are also key to extending your mattress’ lifespan. 

Being aware of the most effective ways to care for your bed can help you keep your mattress hygienic, healthy, and promote comfortable sleep for as many years as possible.

Here are our top tips for making your organic mattress last.

- Use a mattress protector from day one

A good, quality mattress protector not only offers protection against spills and accidents, but it will also reduce the amount of dirt, germs, and dust that make it into your sleep environment. Naturepedic’s Organic Waterproof Protector Pads (available for crib mattresses, too!) are made with soft, certified organic cotton. These protector pads guard against dust mites and effectively block liquid from passing through the mattress. Using a mattress protector is a simple yet powerful defense against allergens and one of the easiest ways to boost your bed’s longevity.

- Wash your bedding regularly

When we sleep, we shed hair, skin cells, and sweat. If you sleep with a pet, plenty of other germs are getting tracked into your bed too. Cleaning your bedding is therefore a critical part of keeping your sleep environment healthy, as these things can breed bacteria and lead to dust mites in your mattress. Most experts recommend washing your sheets weekly. Doing so will contribute to a cleaner bed, which subsequently contributes to a cleaner (and long-lasting) mattress.

- Make sure your mattress is supported

Just like we need proper support when we sleep, our mattresses also need to receive firm, solid support from a secure frame or foundation. Most manufacturers will recommend the type of support that best coincides with your chosen mattress, which can aid in preserving the integrity of its materials and prevent wear and tear. Beds that use a frame should always support both the mattress and the weight of the sleepers. Also, queen-sized and king-sized beds should have center support bars. It’s a good idea to check the support of your mattress yearly (and rotate it as well) to make sure nothing is impacting its overall comfort, support, and thus longevity. 

By properly caring for your mattress and putting in the extra effort to maintain its durability, you can make your organic mattress last through years of sleep. 

To learn more about the quality of the materials we use in our organic mattress, visit our website to discover why we strive for a higher standard of safe, healthy sleep.